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Artist Info


The Raven was formed in 2006, front man Davey Strehler had been impassioned with music for many years prior and picking up the drums at the age of 11. Originally, Davey was the drummer for the band, however following the departure of the lead singer the band agreed and Davey took on the role of the new front man. With all members of the band in youthful stages of their lives there were different musical influences, styles in playing and ideal direction of the band. This diversification led to individual melodic tones and styles for each of their songs that contributed to the defining sound of the band at the time. During this period of writing and recording music Davey continued to expand his musical capabilities with learning the guitar, bass, keyboard and synthesizer. In late 2007 the drummer and secondary guitarist left the band to pursue endeavors outside of music and in 2008 the band released their first EP One Last Time. The band continued to write music, though their differences in musical style and direction of the increased, which consequently led them part to way, but remain friends. In 2009 Davey moved to Europe and began experimenting with different musical genres, particularly industrial and electronic music, genres he had been highly interested in for many years, but unable to express due to the bands previous heavy rock style. Europe’s infatuation with electronic/industrial music provided more than enough influence and sub-genres for inspiration. Davey began writing music for afull-length album with particular influence from Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson, Rammstein and other similar bands. He released the single “Self Destruct” from his upcoming album “Apocalypse” in September 2015 with the full album expected to come out soon.

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Nationality: Schweiz

Resident in: USA